The Utility Companies currently supported by Public Grid!

New utility companies will be updated on the list along with their supported functionality.

Coming soon : National Grid - Long Island

Supported Functionality.

Public Grid strives to ensure consistent features across all utilities. However, there may be instances where a specific utility does not support certain data fields or functions.

  • Utility Company: The name or identifier of the electricity company associated with the data, indicating the source of the information.

  • Granularity: The level of detail or resolution at which the electricity data is recorded, specifying the time range from minutes to hours, and indicating the precision in capturing consumption information.

  • Intervals: The time intervals at which electricity usage data is measured and recorded, providing insights into the frequency of consumption data updates.

  • Account Details: Information related to the electricity consumer's account, encompassing various particulars such as account holder details, contact information, and account-related specifics.

  • Bill Summaries: A concise overview of the electricity billing information, summarizing key details such as charges, due dates, and other relevant billing information.

  • Account PDFs: The availability of downloadable PDF documents containing comprehensive details about the electricity account, bills, or related information, providing a convenient format for record-keeping or further analysis.

Utility CompanyGranularityIntervalsAccount DetailsBill SummariesBill PDFs
Coned15 minYesYesYesYes
Pacific Gas and Electric15 minYesYesYesYes
Georgia Power60 minYesYesNoYes
Florida Power and Light60 minYesYesYesYes
Orange and Rockland15 minYesYesYesNo
Comed30 minYesYesYesYes
National Grid MAMonthlyNoYesYesYes
Central HudsonMonthlyNoYesYesNo
Delmarva PowerNot availableYesYesYesNo
AEP OHIO15 minYesYesYesNo
AEP Texas CentralNot availableYesYesYesNo
Baltimore Gas and Electric15 minYesYesYesNo
Atlantic City ElectricMonthlyYesYesYesNo
Appalachian Power15 minYesYesYesNo
Indiana Michigan Power15 minYesYesYesNo
Public Service Company of Oklahoma15 minYesYesYesNo
Southwestern Electric Power Company15 minYesYesYesNo
Enmax Energy15 minYesYesYesNo
Kentucky Power15 minYesYesYesNo
Evergy15 minYesYesYesNo
Potomac Electric Power60 minYesYesYesNo
Duquesne Light Company60 minYesYesYesNo
PECO15 minYesYesYesNo
Austin Energy (City of Austin Utilities)15 minYesYesYesNo
Portland General Electric15 minYesYesYesNo
Puget Sound Energy15 minYesYesYesNo
Seattle City Light15 minYesYesYesNo