Data Variety

Following data can be fetched through the respective APIs

Bill API

The Bill API enables companies to retrieve essential data, covering details like the total amount due, total usage, start date of electric consumption, end date of the billing cycle, statement date, due date, payment date, delivery charge, and supplier charge.

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Interval API

The Interval API serves as a tool for companies to access data, including the electric account ID, utility provider, utility account number, address, usage intervals, usage, timestamp of the reading, and duration.

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Accounts API

The accounts API is used by the company to fetch all the accounts that includes data such as the customerId, and the utility accounts associated with it. You can also fetch individual account based on the account ID(can be used by both customer and companies)

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Create-Connect-Request API

This API is used to generate a link by the company for the customer such that they can fetch the above data from their public grid accounts.

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This API grants access to a customer for the connect platform and returns a boolean based on if the customer was granted access or not.

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